Trenergy Inc. provides a comprehensive range of finishing services:

Surface Blasting

We uses various blast media such as silica-free sand, steel grit, coal slag, glass, or walnut shells to remove previous coatings or rust and create the desired roughness for proper coating adhesion.

While silica-free sand remains most popular, several coating applications may call for a greater depth of grit which demands a blast media like coal slag to meet required specifications.


Profile Assessment

After blasting and before coating, our technicians ensure optimal surface preparation of the steel’s profile according to SSPC/NACE standards.

When surfaces are blast-clean, an anchor pattern is used to measure the depth of peaks and valleys, confirming compliance with the coating manufacturer’s requirements.


Controlled Environment

Temperature, dew point and humidity level are extremely important factors to guarantee high-quality results. Our technicians use a digital infrared thermometer to test the atmosphere for these characteristics before proceeding application.

The paint and coating manufacturer will specify acceptable ranges that must be met to ensure desired appearance and a successful bond. This precision requires the use of a dual laser sighting instrument.


Coating Types

Our blasting and coating department is experienced in a variety of coating types such as primer, standard enamels (both water-born and solvent-based), 2-part epoxies, various polyurethanes, and organic and inorganic zincs.

Special coating requirements such as color-matching, anticorrosion, fire resistance and various degrees of anti-slip coating can also be applied.


Application Systems

Our technicians are skilled to perform a variety of application systems including airless and conventional air spraying depending on the viscosity of the coating and intricacy of the project.

Airless spraying uses an electric pump to atomize medium to high viscosity coatings at high pressure and is best for high production speed and large surface efficiency. Conventional spraying uses clean pressurized air to atomize the paint and is ideal for low viscosity coating of small or complex parts.


Trenergy's onsite Shot Blast Facility

Trenergy Blasting and Coating Services - before picture

Trenergy Blasting and Coating Services - after picture

Boiler Drum 8

Drum after coating