Pressure Vessels


We have experience and are equipped to fabricate a variety of vessels, vertical or horizontal, for the Gas & Oil, Petrochemical, Natural Gas and Pulp and Paper industries. Vessels may include:

  • Fractionating and distillation columns
  • Scrubbers, strippers and separators
  • Chemical reactors
  • Misc. vessels such as desalters, slug catchers, reflux drums
  • And more


Size is not an issue for Trenergy as our recently acquired facility is located on the St. Lawrence Seaway with direct water access. We also have two railway lines running directly into our shop and access to a major highway. We have experience working with carbon steel, chrome moly, stainless steel, a variety of nickel alloys and clad plate or forgings requiring overlay.

In addition to our manufacturing capabilities Trenergy NDE Division provides a complete
range of NDE testing procedures to validate the integrity of materials and components.